17 May

Lubuntu.me is back

First of all, we need to apologise for being offline for several days, due to server problems. Now everything’s solved and working fine. The download links have been repaired, the usual sections are still there and, of course, the blog and comment ability is restored.

Again, sorry for the annoyance and… Happy downloading!

4 thoughts on “Lubuntu.me is back

  1. Sorry to point this out, but your DL link for Raspberry is not healthy. I’ve tried to DL from that link two times, but I only got error for that site.. As I get when I tried to read the release info too. Please do a checkup on that links.

    Many regards

    //Roger Nasman

    • Don’t be sorry, if something fails we have to check it out. But in both cases, the links are working fine. The torrent is taken directly from the Raspberry website (and that torrent has enough seeds to download, I did it in 30 minutes with a not-so-fast connection). And the Release Notes link is also updated. Please, check it again to ensure it’s working. Thank you.

  2. I’m glad you’re back.I was wondering whether after moving to LXQT (presumably with Lubuntu 16.10) whether the LXQT metapackage will be backported to Lubuntu 16.04 LTS. The reason I’m asking is I honestly fing the font in the default Box them a little hard to read (a bit light). So I’m currently using the Breeze GTK theme. It works perfectly, but as expected, being ported from KDE Plasma 5 there are certain icons missing for GTK apps like Evolution (GTK 3.18). I noticed on the LXQT website that one of their default themes is KDE Plasma 5.

    I’ve also tried the following themes with Lubuntu 16.04 LTS and they all work perfectly – Ambiance/Radiance Colours Flat and the new Vivacious theme, both from Ravefinity. The icons sets that are complete and work perfectly are the Numix Circle set, Emerald, Vibrancy and Vivacious.

  3. Hi, Rafael. Yesterday I mistakenly downloaded lubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso and it downloaded in less than 30 minutes. Today I’m trying to download the 14.04.4 version and no a single bit has downloaded. Is there some other way to get that iso image?

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