05 Oct

Lubuntu countdown

Hey, just look right! The Lubuntu countdown widget is ready. Just copy and paste this piece of code on your own website:

<iframe src=”http://dl.dropbox.com/u/133108/lubuntu/lubuntu_counter.html
” style=”width:180px; height:160px; border:1px solid #bbbbbb” frameborder=1>There was an error loading the countdown.</iframe>

All credits go to Corbin Davenport. Great job, buddy!

9 thoughts on “Lubuntu countdown

  1. Hi, will there be a step-by-step tutorial for things to do after installing Lubuntu 12.10? (extra video codecs, fonts, etc.)

    I'm currently running Linux Mint 12 LXDE but Mint recently ditched LXDE in favor of Xfce so this is what I'm going to use next.


  2. So, the countdown is now saying Lubuntu 12.10 is here, and I am clicking like crazy, but only getting to the 12.04 download… Really looking forward to 12.10! 🙂

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