09 May

Finishing LXQT

The guys from LXQT desktop (formerly Razor-QT) are finishing all details to make it usable and stable. The new desktop is able to do common tasks, using the file manager and configure the look and feel (even I’ve had some troubles to enable Box theme). But this promises to be a great desktop, and fast. One polished the RAM consumption (see LXDE blog for details) the DE will be ready for everyday’s use.

I doesn’t look so bad, does it? What do you think about adding a QT session to Lubuntu?

14 thoughts on “Finishing LXQT

  1. The biggest problem is the panel. The space between icon is to big, it's not so nice lxpanel were the icon in panel really good. So please do something about it.

  2. Yes! This will be so awesome to have another lightweight alternative!
    I really like Lubuntu (as you may know), but I think a Qt Ubuntu will be awesome, as QtCreator is a great IDE so maybe more apps can be built for Lubuntu!

  3. Remember that this desktop is still in an early alpha stage. It may vary from one system to another, depending on how many PPAs you have installed, what themes you've got, etc.

    Everything will be simplified and working better. Trust me 😉

  4. Maybe we need to create a new panel-tool
    for the mesa driver just like nvidia or amd this is is for me is a small revolution:) what do you think?

  5. That's complicated 😉 If we had one available on Ubuntu, such an applet we cna use as an Indicator. I'm not really a programmer, but this sounds very very complicated 😮

  6. Why don't start a project like this?
    "Mesa3d tool-panel", if we have something like this is most great tool never created, but because for arrive of a lot linux games we need a tool like this and not only for the game!

  7. I would like to know if this new desktop is going to allow pinned documents in de applications bar icons like Windows 7, for instance.

    If it was compatible with the low resources profile of Lubuntu, it would be a huge improvement.

  8. The panel functionalities will depend on plugins, and I dn't really know if somebody will create such thing, or the developer will include it on next releases. Anyway it's a great idea. I use a dock to supply this function and don't use the taskbar.

    About the profile, an absolute yes. LXQT will be as light as LXDE is, or even more. Once it gets stable we'll start to increase performance, reduce unnecessary apps and adapt the artwork to make the forthcoming Lubuntu suitable for every copmputer, specially old ones. That's the Lubuntu philosophy, the low spec target, or new ultra-fast i5 / i7 ones, if you want light-speed 😉

  9. It would be great if pcmanfm-qt had all features as pcmanfm (lxde version): split view and single click are really useful features. Panel looks great but it would be even better if we could add spacers.
    I assume this things will be implemented/fixed soon, and Ihope we -ll see official ubuntu with lxqt soon

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