12 Mar

Dark panel theme

Due to popular demand, another variant was added to the Box theme for Lubuntu. Now you can use dark panels and adapted icons aswell. These modifications will be available in the downloads sections very soon. Also, the upcoming release of Lubuntu will include it.

 This is how the panel looks with both themes:

21 thoughts on “Dark panel theme

  1. Thanks lubuntu team. I have installed it on our old computers. Lubuntu is our daily tool. No virus, light, fast.. gorgeous. Tnx U guys!

  2. looks great. by the way, how about changing the sidebar "countdown"? it says "Lubuntu 13.10 is here!" but I would like to see a countdown for when version 14 will arrive.

  3. Could you create a more darker theme like in ubuntu studio ( the main color for panels to be black)

    Also seems that Lubuntu dark panel icon pack 14.04 seems to be empty (I can't select in Customize look and feel )

  4. I love the dark panel theme but for some reason, which I've spent over a month trying to fix, the notification pop ups have this irritating tiled background that looks similar to window blinds. Any idea how I may go about fixing this? Thanks in advance 🙂

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