11 Apr

Box theme reaches 0.38!

Due to popular demand, and celebrating we’re at version 0.38, here’s the Box icon theme for any Linux system. So if you want to install just download and decompress into ~/.icons and enjoy.

A lot of office and coding support was added, as well as new and improved app icons. And it grows and grows. All Lubuntu users will get their update. This post is for those who can’t wait.

Download Box 0.38 here.

9 thoughts on “Box theme reaches 0.38!

  1. Β‘Gracias, Miguel!

    For the moment, I'd like to add Unity support, because we're part of the Ubuntu family, and this theme is installable through Ubuntu App Center.

    Maybe with more time we could add a dark-panel version and more…

  2. De nada πŸ˜‰
    I started to change the main folder icons to grey to have my personal grey-box theme. If I'll finish I could share with you, if you want.
    I looking forward to see it through Ubuntu App Centre.

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