02 Apr

Box theme 0.45

Only two for the forthcoming Trusty Tahr release, and as I promised, I uploaded Box 0.45 with full support for dark panels, including icons for both panels, themes for dark and light panels, and a smaller version of the Openbox theme. Changes in this package:

  • added dark panel gtk theme
  • added matching white panel icons
  • small and big versions of window controls
  • complete set of stock and gnome icons
  • fixes for gtkheaderbar (client side decorations)
  • full suppot for Unity, XFCE and Gnome
  • added 3rd party applications extra icons

And more to come. Please, feel free to test it on every Linux desktop. Grab both packages at the downloads section, decompress and enjoy!

22 thoughts on “Box theme 0.45

  1. Ok i have just found, you have to create, .obt from appearence menu with extracted folders, would be great to have a bit more explainations for the less used to, or new users.

    Any way thanks a lot for the great work the Team provide πŸ™‚

  2. I'm afraid I can't install it following your instructions. I want to use the darkk panel so I've donwloaded the latest box theme and decompress the theme (a folder named "box1310") on ".themes". However i) the box1310 folder doesn't seem to contain any dark panel ii) what's the name of the theme once I open "Customize Look and Feel" preferences?

  3. No, indeed. I'm sorry. This is what happens when ALL links of this site are being changed. My apologies for this annoyance, I'm fixing as many links as I can.

    Try now, they're fixed.

  4. Thanks, now I was able to install it. One last question: i like to resize my panel to have a 33 pixel size. The problem with that setting and the dark panel is that it doesn't look nice at all (I believe the theme is inteded to be used with 24 pixel sized panel). Is there a workaround?

  5. LXPanel cannot resize bitmaps (for the moment) to adjust them to the right size. The panel included on Box is made to 24px or less only (like a normal Gnome panel). You must use another bitmap or use just a colour. Sorry.

  6. I like the theme very much and so I tried it on a daily build of 14.04 (unity). The dark panel version does not work, in that it does not change the panel to dark.
    Further, in nautilus breadcrumbs, the left side of the "home" button is always cut off if I'm in another directory. Only when I actually click on "home" it renders as it should.
    And an observation: window buttons are too dark (#000 I'm guessing) and thin, and look inconsistent with the rest of the theme.

  7. The black panel is not implemented yet in Unity. You're right. You can only use the light one (focused on LXDE more than other).

    The breadcrumbs issue is being fixed. It happened in Light Themes too, but there's a notification about it.

    And I'll check the window controls, and fix the colours if necessary.

    Thank you for your feedback πŸ˜‰

  8. I'm absolutely astonished. We need to talk, Fatih πŸ˜‰

    I'd like to include your glyphs in the new forthcoming release, your version will be named to you separatedly (if you don't want to release it freely on gnome-look.org).

    Please, contact me:
    rafaellaguna at ubuntu dot com

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