02 Aug

Box icon theme

The new Box icon theme is (almost) finished, already pushed up onto Launchpad for being merged with *buntu repos. So, if you’re a lucky person because you installed Lubuntu 😀 then a simple update will change the icons to the new ones soon. But if you don’t like them don’t worry, the original Elementarized is still there.

This was an extremely hard work. Every icon is being retouched pixel by pixel so you c an get a nice interface and you’ll be comfortable with your desktop. I’d like to dedicate this theme to my “mentor” and inspiration icon guy, Jakub “Jimmac” Steiner, and of course, Dan Rabitt, the creator of Elementary, both obligatory references in the interface design scene. Oh, and to all the Lubuntu crew, specially the one who usually saves my life designing with me, Alexander Andjelkovich, another member of the Lubuntu Artwork Team.

23 thoughts on “Box icon theme

  1. Excellent, thank you. Great job, I like so much, I think that the icon theme represents the minimalist philosophy of Lubuntu distro.

  2. So…..all apps in lubuntu 12.10 will be a square icons? I'm using firefox, so the icon will be look like a faenza-ish firefox too?

  3. Nice work!! Although I am really worried about this fashion (inspired by Linux Mint) of using square icons for applications.

    What is wrong with the normal shape? In my case, for example, I decided to use Lubuntu instead of Linux Mint with Cinnamon because I hate those square icons (some designer out there hates circles and thought it is the same for all of us). And now Lubuntu is copying that???

  4. Hello,

    I installed the new box icon theme from webupd8 (a .deb file) in order to use it in Lubuntu 12.04, but I found some problems: Applications like Firefox or Audacious have changed some of their buttons (I guess because of the new theme), but the change is not uniform. New icons in these applications are bautiful, but they are mixed with the green buttons for play in Audacious, the red button to stop playing, the green buttons (arrows) in the browser and blue icons for favorites, so it doesn't look beautiful to have those colors mixed.

    I hope this can be solved. Thanks

  5. I hate iPad, tablet-ish and faenza-ish square icons!!!
    But i like the control and toolbar icons, though, black/grey color, just replace the the green and red or any other color that doesn't fit with blue theme…

  6. The theme is not complete yet, that's why apears a green icon for play on Audacious. Well, this is solved and already updated, but there're a lot of action buttons to replace, it's a slow task.

    I like you don't like some shape or style, that's good, because you can choose another theme that fits you. About making ALL blue, it's a nonsense, it will produce stress making an interface with only one colour. Test it with the ACYL icon theme.

  7. The audio icon is being corrected, as well as the action buttons (back, forward, play, stop, etc).

    About the LSC icon it's obvious, it's intended for use on Lubuntu. TEsting in Unity is a little premature for now. It's like having a panel on Unity that, logically, doesn't work on Gnome Shell.

  8. it's wonderful… after several different distro I returned Lubuntu for its speed and performance in old hardware system and it can compete with XP for quick… now this icons are a masterwork.

  9. Maybe i'm too late but i found no way to contact the author of icons so i will do it this way.

    Considering that Lubuntu tend to be used on older computers, there is no point at using .svg icons. I Know that it is easier to link them that way and be sure that every size will be correct but to achieve speed in rendering you have to use raster images not vector ones.

    In other words, convert icons from svg to png from 16×16 to 48×48 to give users speed not slow pcmanfm rendering.

    Also, i agree that newer computer will not see the difference but try to use svg icons on computer with 512MB of ram, gnome and slower graphic card.

    This are my 2c about this.

  10. As I'm a Lubuntu Artwork member, this blog is fine to comment too. We also had this discussion about rendering SVG over PNG formats. You need to have a very very old computer, that can't make use of the new Cairo and GDI/Pixbuf libraries, so the rendering of vector files may be slow. And with old I mean more than 15 years. In older computer, Linux used that libraries and performance were increased on SVG for using icons and themes (yes, the whole environment).

    The results were amazing, Pixbuf and CairoSVG engines rendered at the same speed PNG and SVG sources. I have Lubuntu currently running in a ver old computer (a K6 with 900 mb free) and it works fine. Changing icon theme doesn't speed it up.

    And about the linking, well, rasterizing the whole theme should be the easy part (batch process) and linking is easy, GTK uses only filenames, not extensions.

    Try GtkPerf (or any other more powerful like Phoronix suite). We already did with Box and results were fine (for GTK 2/3, icon theme, and pixbuf engine). But if you any graphics issue please, report with a GtkPerf report and we'll keep an eye on that. You can comment or anything at http://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-art

    Thank you very much 🙂

  11. I really like the icon theme you created.

    I use them on Linux Mint.

    Because of that, I like to have a green version of it.

    How would I achieve that?

  12. Thank you very much. For this moment our purpose is to finish the theme before creating some variations. Anyway, a friend of this blog isreating a gray variations for folders, so it's the beggining 🙂

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