07 Mar

Box 0.50 rev. 474

New version that starts a new challenge for Box: supporting not only more environments, but known apps too. There’re a lot uncovered applications that need their own icons existing in our theme. Thanks to Đurađ Radojičić, the Lubuntu Artwork Team is getting now a reinforcement to make it possible.

Geary (from the ElementaryOS distro) is just a new covered app, among others to come. Because all good apps should run in our favourite distros, just the way we want they look. That’s the power of Linux: freedom.
Download while it’s hot.

10 thoughts on “Box 0.50 rev. 474

  1. @Azrael5, thank you!

    @Robert, Yorba developed Geary (and Photos, the fork of Shotwell) for Elementary first together with Dan Rabbit. And Elementary still uses it as its default client, unlike any other distro. But I think he's joining Ubuntu now. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  2. I suspect you are conflating Geary with Postler, the email client begun by Elementary, which was later abandoned in favor of joining the effort on Geary.

    Re Photos: Shotwell has been the default photo manager in Ubuntu since before Elementary's first release. Other than agreeing to the fork, I don't think Yorba has contributed to Pantheon Photos specifically.

    I don't mean to disparage Elementary in any way, but I feel that Yorba hasn't gotten the recognition it deserves on these projects.

  3. Yes. Those are a new class of toolbar menus. As new widgets are being incorporated to the UBuntu themes, our Box theme gets its modifications every re-merge with the main code. Just a few days and it'll be fixed.

    About the gnome panel it's being fixed now. I'm afraid I can't fix problems as quickly as Gnome team creates them (due to unexpected changes).

    Thanks for noticing.

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