27 May

Box 0.46

Just another update. Box now reaches 0.46 inside Lubuntu Trusty Tahr artwork package or as a standalone for your preferred Linux distro.Lots of more apps and other things were added. If you want touse it just add the Daily PPA to your sources and voilá, or download directly from the Artwork section.

12 thoughts on “Box 0.46

  1. Hi Rafael, I'm a casual lubuntu 14 04 lts user and haven't yet received any updates warning when starting the OS.. Is it normal or am I doing something wrong ? Previously I was on ubuntu 12 10 and update warnings were popping up frequently..

  2. Try running the updater manually and I suspect you will see there are many. I haven't received any update notifications for the past two versions of Lubuntu – I always have to do it manually.

  3. Unfortunately this is a known bug. Julien is working very hard to get everything updated soon, so that the casual users can have all these fixes.
    In the meantime, PLEASE update your system manually through the graphical applications, or by running

    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y upgrade

    You can subscribe to the mailing list
    if you have any questions, or other issues…. we are very friendly 🙂

  4. Thak you for the kind responses ! I will suscribe to the mailing list ! Lubuntu is installed on an old PC that I still use from time to time for very simple tasks (browsing, listening to music, downloading, etc.), so I just was wandering, because I never updated manually on older ubuntu versions ! Then again thank you 😉

  5. I tried copying the theme and icons on a Debian stable computer but it doesn't seem to work. The icons look weird and they are not displayed correctly. Has anyone installed the theme and icons successfully on Debian stable?

  6. I'd like to be able to make pretty graphics like these. Do you use Inkscape for them? Do you have any books/tutorials that you recommend to learn how to make them? Thanks.

  7. Hi.

    This blog entry about box doesn't seem the right place for security question, but I will ask it as the topic has already been mentioned.

    Is Lubuntu installing security updates if it is configured to do that automatically?

  8. If you have the security updates activated they should arrive. Anyway, have a look on your startup apps (Default applications for LXSession) and check that update-notifier is in the list.

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