03 Sep

Beta 1 is out

Ubuntu QA finally cooked the first beta of Lubuntu 13.10 a.k.a. Saucy Salamander. You can grab it and install for (I never get tired of saying this) testing purposes only. Goto to Ubuntu QA and choose the flavour you want. Or go to download straight forward for 32bit, 64bit, Mac or PowerPC.

Also, I’d like to remind you that you can comment, criticize or just say whatever you want at the Lubuntu official Facebook page.

11 thoughts on “Beta 1 is out

  1. Hmmm… I kind of like xscreensaver. Hope that at least it's kept in the repositories so i can use it. Also i won't use Firefox at all, sorry i'm a Chrome kind of guy (very faithful!). ;)I'm downloading now (sadly the torrent will take forever there's only one seed). Didn't knew about your blog but then again i'm using Lubuntu since July and loving it!

  2. That's the great thing of the *buntu family. Unlike Mac, you will be able to download your favourite apps or the whole desktop you want, even if they're not included by default. They let you choose.

    Chromium (not Chrome) and XScreensaver will be kept at the repos. So don't worry about that. Oh, and thanks. I'm glad to have a new reader 🙂

  3. Mine too (and I also found XScreensaver annoying, but this is personal). But we did because of the benchmarks. Now Firefox demonstrated higher speed and low resource huunger that Chromium. So yes, we did a good move 😉

    Thank you!

  4. I'm totally convinced that you did nothing but good moves. As for Chromium I don't use it. I have the deb file of Google Chrome Beta and that's my browser of choice. I keep Firefox as a backup and Firefox is a very good browser (specially because you can configure it to use the Tor network) Unfortunately I had to uninstall Lubuntu 13.04 from my netbook after the latest updates which broke my Cairo dock (I had xcompmgr), froze the windows and other bugs. Then I've installed 12.04.3 with the same results ( this Beta crashed on the Live session). It's an old notebook Acer AOD260 (1.66 Ghz 1 Gb Ram) but I thought Lubuntu was made for these too (that processor even has OpenGL, Hyperthreading and processor scalling capabilities, yada) but so I had to move along because I need my netbook working. Lubuntu is still installed in my P4 3 Ghz/Nvidia desktop alongside Windows 7 and so far it's working well. When it stops working because of the next 13.10 or whatever, then it's a wonderful thing that we have hundreds of Linux distros out there. You all have a wonderful Linux day!

  5. Maybe it's not broken. Cairo-Dock uses Mono, so every upgrade will terminate (in bad ways) any Mono running task. But I'd like to suggest you using Plank.

    You can add the PPA "elementary-os/daily" where Plank is, and "ppa:versable/elementary-update", and get the packages "elementary-plank-themes" and "elementary-tweaks" for changing them.

    Plank has not the parabolic zoom effect, but it's compatible with some Unity features and works fine with XCompMgr (see the article in this blog to hide wrong shadows).

    Thanks, buddy!

  6. Many thanks for your reply. I didn't knew about this problem with Mono. So i'll add the PPA and the packages that you talk about to see if Plank works better (anyway Cairo is unusable as is). I've installed Ubuntu 13.04 on that netbook but sadly the login screen is now the wallpaper… yeah it froze yesterday (although you can still work with it, i don't like having that screen as "wallpaper" and scanning the web i was aware that many users are experiencing problems with their Intel graphics and, on top of that, Intel said that won't support the Mir display server but will go for Wayland instead. (you can check this new on linux.softpedia.com) So no Ubuntu for me as it is. Will try your solution and get back here later after testing. I really like Lubuntu so would like to have it working on that damn netbook! Thanks a million for your precious help buddy! Keep being awesome.

  7. Plank is useless. No compositing, no options to configure. I like Cairo because of that. Tried elementary 0.2 live-usb and the damn desktop is dead (totally) you can't configure Plank also but i know the options are hidden and you need dConf but that's not an option to attract new Windows XP users… if it's too difficult they don't want it, so i went for Zorin 7 which has a dock that works although to add launchers you need to know where your files are… anyway i would like that Cairo could solve the bugs with the latest Ubuntu core and be back again because after trying everything else it's the only dock i like. I will test Pear OS 8 Beta 2 tonight and will drop you a line here. If you get tired of me commenting here just say so. I know that i can be annoying when it comes to computers… It's something i love but i understand that other people may not be as enthusiastic as i am 😉 Anyway i'm gonna come to your blog a lot since my desktop install of Lubuntu works without bugs (Cairo works fine), having the Nvidia graphics instead of my netbook's Intel GMA 3150 and i'm gonna need advice when the 13.10 release comes out next month. You rock my friend! Best regards, Kaf

  8. BTW, I told you bad information, my bad. Cairo Dock does NOT use Mono, it's Docky. Anyway, the compositing you mentioned can be real (using a Composite manager) or simulated.

    I encourage you to use Compton, not XCompMgr (intructions here, at Tips'n'Tricks).

    I'm glad you keep with Lubuntu 😉

  9. Hi
    Yes i got xcompmgr and then made it to autostart by adding @xcompmgr -n to the startup file. This works fine with Nvidia graphics but with Intel graphics doen's work anymore after some Ubuntu update. You're the second person in a blog that says i should use Compton instead (dasublogbyprashanth.blogspot.com) so i'll follow your tips & tricks tutorial and see if i can make that work in my netbook. Thanks a lot for your help.

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