19 Oct

Lubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) released!

Thanks to all the hard work from our contributors, Lubuntu 17.10 has been released! With the codename Artful Aardvark, Lubuntu 17.10 is the 13th release of Lubuntu, with support until July of 2018.

What is Lubuntu?

Lubuntu is an official Ubuntu flavor based on the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment (LXDE). The project’s goal is to provide a lightweight yet functional distribution. Lubuntu specifically targets older machines with lower resources, but also runs great on newer hardware. Along with a simple but usable graphical user interface, Lubuntu comes with a wide variety of applications chosen for their small footprint so you can browse, email, chat, play, and be productive.

Where can I download it?

On the Ubuntu cdimage server, we have images for the following architectures:

  • amd64 (commonly referred to as 64-bit)
  • i386 (commonly referred to as 32-bit)

The release notes are here if you wish to read them. We have left out some notes that are common to all flavors, so read the Ubuntu release notes if you wish.

What’s improved since 17.04?

  • We now ship with Linux Kernel 4.13.
  • General bug fix release as we prepare to switch to LXQt.
  • LXDE components have been updated with bug fixes.
  • The artwork has received an update.
  • The latest release of Audacious, 3.9, is included by default.
  • Hardinfo has been updated to the latest upstream snapshot.

System Requirements

Lubuntu is a good operating system for many old computers, but not for all of them. Some computers have too little horsepower or memory. A rule of thumb is that the computer should not be more than 10 years old (although some older computers are known to work as well).

  • Memory (RAM): for advanced internet services like Google+, YouTube, Google Drive, and Facebook, your computer needs at least 1 GB of RAM. For local programs like LibreOffice and simple browsing habits, your computer needs at least 512 MB of RAM.
  • Processor (CPU): the minimum specification for CPU is Pentium 4 or Pentium M or AMD K8. Older processors are too slow and the AMD K7 has problems with Flash video.

How do I get support?

We recommend that you email the lubuntu-users mailing list. Send an email to lubuntu-users AT lists DOT ubuntu DOT com.

If you prefer IRC, our support channel is #lubuntu on freenode IRC. If you don’t have an IRC client, click the link in the earlier sentence, type in a nickname, press start, state your question and press Enter to speak. If your question is not answered right away, stick around, and if you don’t get an answer, email the lubuntu-users list.

How do I contribute?

We always need more help! If you would like to contribute, head over to our Getting Involved page. If you have any questions about contributing, please join #lubuntu-devel on freenode or email the lubuntu-devel mailing list at lubuntu-devel AT lists DOT ubuntu DOT com.

Known Issues

For known issues, please see the release notes.

Lubuntu Next

Alongside Lubuntu 17.10 featuring LXDE, the Lubuntu Team is proud to announce an early adopter’s release of Lubuntu Next, featuring the LXQt 0.11.1 Desktop Environment, which is the Qt 5 port of LXDE. While this release is available to install using the links below, we do NOT recommend that people use it in production unless they are aware of the somewhat critical bugs associated (which are more than 10 at the point of writing this). It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to be in contact with us as well. A rule of thumb is that if you do not know what we are talking about, don’t install it quite yet.

You can install Lubuntu Next by using the links available on the cdimage server or by using the Minimal ISO for 17.10 and selecting the Lubuntu Qt desktop.

Connect With Us

If you would like to connect with us on various platforms, we have several ways to stay in touch.

46 thoughts on “Lubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) released!

  1. “General bug fix release as we prepare to switch to LXQt.”
    I heard that so many times so it’s not funny anymore.

  2. Lubuntu is so great. I just can’t come to terms with Gnome and have loaded the Lubuntu desktop (sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop) on my Ubuntu 17.10 install. Sometimes I just want to get stuff done, and everything seems to work on the Lubuntu desktop. I have plenty of power on this machine for the new Ubuntu desktop, but at least for now, I prefer Lubuntu.

    • Wow! thanks for your kind words 🙂 But you’re right. As I said thousands of times, Lubuntu is fast on old / low-spec machines, but it’s so fast on new / fast machines that it seems almost telepathic! 🙂

    • I am in the same situation. On the big i7/32GB notebook, I installed Ubuntu 17.10 3 days ago and I am not that happy with it’s Gnome3 desktop. Now I will try Lubuntu 17.10 on this older one, i5/4GB and if it runs Ok, I will convert the big one, too. Is there any way to install Lubuntu 17.10 over Ubuntu 17.10 just to replace desktop completely (and leave no crap and traces after) but to keep all other stuff intact? Thanks!

  3. Olá!
    Após a atualização para a versão mais recente.
    O Lubuntu não tem executado alguns programas como administrador exemplo: Atualização de programas e Programas e Atualizazções.
    Só consigo utiliza-los se chama-los pelo termina com o sudo

  4. I am a fan of Lubuntu since the first versions. It has always been a fast and stable system en competes easily with windows and even the plain version of Ubuntu. Yet since de 16.04 release Lubuntu seems to have lost some of it lean and fast character. I hope the LTS 18.04 is will be faster again. Keep up the great work!

  5. You could look at Rosa R9 LxQt to take a review about what a LxQt distro should be. Lubuntu is great, I’ve been using it for years. I hope its Qt5 counterpart could be greater, someday.

    • We do, we look other distros as well. And I must admit that people from OpenSuse Fedora also did a great job. Trust me, we’re doing our best with Ubuntu repos packages.

    • LXQt uses Qt engines. But one of the engines is a GTK parser, so yes, you can keep using GTK themes and to have a consistent looking desktop.

    • Hey there leandro… Just saw your lubuntu screenshots. And I have to admit I just love the way you have customized it. There centain thing which I want to know – how did you did it

      How did you replaced lubuntu start button to ubuntu button, it just looks gorgeous.

      Which file manager have you installed

      And which dock software are you using.

      Plzz reply if you have done other customization

  6. I am using Lubuntu 16.04 on a 11 year old Dell Inspiron 6400 and it is pretty good. Compared to that current Fedora LXDE Spin is really bad 😉

    Is Lubuntu some kind of ‘official’ LXDE distribution? I am asking because there is a direct link to Lubuntu in the main menu of their website.

    • Not LXDE “official”, everybody can use that desktop on a custom distro. But we cooperate together with the development of LXDE desktop and ecosystem apps, so we’re “linked” in many ways (same with LXQt team), and some of our developers are also members of LXDE. We also encourage people to visit them in our links page. We’re good mates 🙂

  7. I downloaded the Lubuntu Next (LXQt) ISO dated 10/14/17, which was described as experimental, but in my personal use it has been rock-stable. Looking forward to the 18.04 version of the same, but not courageous enough to opt for an Alpha release. LXQt opens multiple LibreOffice Writer pages faster than any other desktop I’ve used in the past few years.

  8. Hi,

    I see that you still have Lubuntu 14.04.5 available on the downloads page.
    I thought that Lubuntu (and Xubuntu) 14.04 series had reached their EOL earlier
    this year. I know that Lubuntu 16.04 is supported until 2019.

    I’m using Ubuntu 16.04 on this machine, but on another eMachines EL1600 I have Xubuntu
    16.04. I’ll be switching to Lubuntu 16.04 on that machine as Xubuntu has become too
    bloated and slow. I originally replaced Windows XP on that machine with 32 bit Lubuntu
    14.04 and I really miss the speed and look of Lubuntu. I could never get Compton to work
    though, hence for more “eye candy” I switched to Xubuntu. But, next week I’ll go back
    to Lubuntu 16.04 and I really miss the Box icon theme too!

  9. I am a user of Lubuntu LXDE for years and I like it a lot. I really miss a DARK THEME in the Lubuntu LXDE so I always have to put the Dark Theme Dorian Theme and for Windows I use the Hackstation. I have tried the LXQT and it is really horrible. Too much software for my taste and I really HATE it. I tell you straight away that if Lubuntu makes the move and erases LXDE I will look for another Linux distro and won’t come back.

  10. Lubuntu is fantastic.

    I was a longtime BlackBox/OpenBox user on Gentoo, then got tired of fighting Gentoo on laptops and converted to Ubuntu/Unity about 3 years ago. Never loved Unity but Ubuntu made life with laptops simple.

    Bought a new high-powered desktop several weeks ago and came across a compiz bug- it doesn’t like workspaces and multiple monitors with differing resolutions.

    Tried LXDE and it worked perfectly, Lubuntu was the rational choice.

    Thanks for the great work.

    • Silicon Graphics cards are supported. But maybe the package wasn’t included in the setup. Open a terminal and verify that you have the package xserver-xorg-video-sis installed.

  11. I’m late to the party. I’ve installed Lubuntu on my 10 year old Dell laptop. It’s been rock solid stable and my machine is performing well on all websites. Thanks guys for delivering a great product!

    • amigo quiero instalar lubuntu dime que version tienes 32 o 64 bits dicen que la de 32 no recibira soprte hasta la version 17.10 ahora para las plata formas 64 bits vale la pena lubuntu uso xp pero no me permite instalar aplicaciones nuevas por eso me quiero cambiar cundo instalo ubuntu la pantalla se meve negra con rallones tengo una AMD atholn rm 2 60u processador 1800 MHZ

  12. Hi, I recently acquired 2 x Dell OptiPlex GX640 (Itel Pentium 5, 2.8Ghz) with 1½GB ram no hdd but plugged spare one in & installed Lubuntu – needed to get away from WinXP.
    Works like a dream with not one problem.
    Installed FileZilla, VLC, FF … & use the WinXP drive via usb (caddy) to access my data.
    Internet is via tethering or usb wifi dongle.

    Like I’ve been released from the shackles of Windows 😎 – appreciated.

  13. Hi, I’m a college student using Lubuntu as main distro. I absolutely love it! Over the past few years, I tried several other distros and even though my Laptop isn’t all that old Lubuntu is the only one I didn’t have problems with. It’s fast, stable and it just works. Thank you for your hard work! (a bit late but still)

    • amigo quiero instalar lubuntu dime que versión tienes 32 o 64 bits dice que la de 32 no recibí soprte hasta la versión 17.10 ahora para las plata formas 64 bits vale la pena lubuntu uso xp pero no me permite instalar aplicaciones nuevas por eso me quiero cambiar cundo instalo ubuntu la pantalla se meve negra con rallones tengo una AMD atholn rm 2 60u procesador 1800 MHZ

      • Tienes versiones en 32 y 64 bits para cualquier versión. Mira la página de descargas: http://lubuntu.me/downloads/
        Si tu máquina lo permite siempre recomendamos instalar la última versión, ya que tiene los últimos parches de seguridad y mayor compatibilidad con dispositivos nuevos.

  14. Hi! 4 years I use Lubuntu 14.04 on the Dell optiplex 3020 computer. Lubuntu is an excellent operating system. Lubuntu 16.04 does not see the modem, the problem in Network Manager. In Lubuntu 17.10 the problem is fixed, thank you very much. I hope Lubuntu 18.04 will be even better. Good luck to you!

    • Yes. Thanks to the Ubuntu base, drivers problems usually get fixed every release. And yes, I think you’re going to love Lubuntu 18.04 🙂
      Thanks for your kind words.

  15. LUBUNTU est un système simple j’ai eu 16.04 trop légère a mon gout je suis sur 17.10 qui est une version de transition .j’ai une tour plus récente sur xubuntu 16.04 que je trouve plus facile a manipuler.J’attends 18.04 avec impatience qui devrait satisfaire beaucoup de personnes.amitiés aux linuxiens.

  16. En fait sur ma vielle tour je suis passé a lubuntu 17.10 i386 facile a installer bien fait par contre ne vous amusez pas trop de modifier le tableau de bord il saut facilement et le réinstaller pas facile du tout amitiés atous

  17. on intel core i3 geforce gt 620M 1GB Nividia Optimus 1.80 ghz 8 gb ram =

    ubuntu 16.04 64 bit = flawless
    ubuntu 17.10 64 bit = flying

    but I do prefer with LTS version 🙂
    Happy Lubuntuing

  18. Olá, instalei o Lubuntu 17.10 em um note com 4GB de RAM (2GB + 2GB) e funcionou. Mas quando eu fiz um upgrade na memória para 6GB (2GB + 4GB) o Lubuntu não inicializa. As memórias são novas e funcionam e são detectadas em outros sistemas operacionais. Já aconteceu isso com alguém? Obrigado

  19. For Who Ever writes Updates Etc.
    Please Include Updated Software Drivers for Wifi Adapters like
    NetGear Wireless AC Adapter AC600 Duel Band
    Either with updates and or Lubuntu Software Page

    It gets very Tiring to have to rebuild drivers every time you get an update or new software installed to to operating system,

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