06 Feb

A new wallpaper

Simply that, the first two wallpapers for Lubuntu Raring Ringtail, with two versions, “normal” and “particle beam”. Usually Lubuntu uses a single soft wave, so if you’re asking about the inspiration for the new design, I’ll explain:

The double wave resembles a DNA helix. Particle beam radiation is used to create mutations on some genes. So the expectation is just a useful, improved and creative mutation of previous environments (yeah, too geek, I know).

You can download it at the Raring Artwork wiki page. I hope you like it.

Note: a reminder for everybody, the Flickr pool is still open. What are you waiting? Send your hand-made wallpapers, yours may become a Lubuntu’s official background!

11 thoughts on “A new wallpaper

  1. Is Lubuntu 13.04 going to be even lighter and more efficient than Lubuntu 12.10? I know that's one of the goals of Raring Ringtail for standard Ubuntu, so I'm wondering how this will affect Lubuntu.

  2. Well, we use the same core and subsystem, so as it's being improved all flavours of Ubuntu will increase speed, but remember that they must include new drivers while removing deprecated components. Making a Linux core is a difficult task.

    But I can sure you the LXDE components are now very responsive, so yes, Lubuntu 13.04 must be faster that previous versions.

  3. Back and foward buttons on Firefox still using the green elementary buttons. It would be great if you guys can change that to similar buttons like in pcmanfm 🙂

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